Monday, February 10, 2014

Why have a double mastectomy at 27 when you do not have cancer?

The ultimate reality is… I don't have cancer… yet. My mother who has the same gene has not had breast cancer. She has been blessed to be in that small percentage of us who do have this gene to not be diagnosed. My sister on the other hand, my aunt, grandparents… in-fact we can trace breast cancer back 6 generations in our family. My 87% percent chance is still a 13% chance of not ever getting any form of cancer in my breasts. So why have surgery to remove healthy breasts???

I would like to introduce to you my little friends who have decided to join me in the last 24 months.
This is my Invisible Blob… Only detected on MRI but appears stable in over the past 12 months. Somewhere in the ultrasound image below is the lesion on my right breast…

This is my second friend… I call this one Weird Blob. This very hard to find on ultrasound lesion proves after a fine needle aspiration and a core biopsy to be a benign hamartoma, or a disorganised collection on tissue mass. Benign, although steadily growing in size to now make me not wear an under wire bra as it causes too much discomfort.

And this fine fellow… is my latest addition to the left breast (Yet to be officially named - suggestions please!). Only detected on my last MRI and ultrasound mid January 2014. This lesion has not previously been seen so has developed in the last 5 months. Immediate core biopsy and urgent visits to my surgeon. Unfortunately, being a sonographer has its disadvantages. This lesion does have many features of a malignant mass. The two projections from the side, vascularity, almost as tall as it is wide. At this stage this lesion is essentially inconclusive on biopsy… however this is also the reason why now is the time to have my breasts removed.

I will be undergoing a hook wire on this lesion to determine the need for further treatment (erh… chemo etc…). However for now its just a matter of GET THE THING OUT!

Even if these lesions come back as benign (which they will!!) this is why I am having surgery. Within two years I have had enough needles stuck into my boobs that if we left them there I may look more like an echidna!  I really do not wish to continue down this path. We need to sort these out prior to a positive biopsy. 

Thank you to everyone for your kind words of support once I had shared the first post. I know I have a lot of support and some truly beautiful friends and family. xox

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