Friday, February 28, 2014

Feeling Blessed

I'm writing this from my very own comfy bed! 5 and a half days in hospital and although I was getting use to the hot chocolates and yummy biscuits, I am so glad to be home. 

I will miss my nurses though. Met some truly beautiful ladies who are deeply committed and passionate about their job. We had some great conversations, great laughs, and a few even helped with my crossword puzzles which was awesome! I dropped off some flowers and a thank you card on my way out but felt like this was such a small amount to give back considering how much love I received from them. Thank you ladies. I'll see you in a couple of months for round 2! 

An interesting day. Started with some fabulous news that all biopsy results have come back as benign. Although suspicious, my newest lesion still demonstrated benign characteristics. This for me means no chemo or radiation!!! Happy dance!!!

My drains were removed and cannula taken out. Not the most comfortable experience having drains removed but it feels great now! For the first time since surgery I have been able to sleep on my side! Being a huge tummy sleeper it's a fraction closer to comfort! 

My beautiful daughter and amazing Rodney arrived shortly after only to tell me my car that is only 4 years old has just died again. Serviced only 3 weeks ago, followed by having to be towed a week later for another issue, now towed again this morning. Just heart breaking. I love my car!! It's always been up to date with services etc so I'm thoroughly upset over this! You think you buy a new car for reliability only to have this happen! Ggrrr!!! Anyway it's off to Holden.... Again.... For mending. Third time lucky maybe??  (Sorry got side tracked there! Rant over!).

So with no way to get home, in step the wonderful Cody to the rescue. Lucky to as well had sooo many flower boxes to take to the car we needed another hand. Cody, thank you for your time this morning. We appreciate everything you did for us! And Jackie thank you for the flowers and cake... YUM!!! Xoxox

My biggest problem now is fighting the urge to clean, play with the dogs, play with the horses. Essentially just do all the little things you do around the house. I've already been I trouble from Rod for placing flowers around the house and trying to clean so making every effort to just sit! The hardest of course is playing with my beautiful Brindy. She is only two and considering is doing an amazing job of gentle cuddles and lots of kisses. My sister gave me the idea that after her surgery she placed a pillow in front of her chest before hugging her girls, which we are doing now also which does help. Also laying Brindy down first then hugging her that way seems to work. Rod stays very close by at this stage though just incase Brindy forgets so seems to be working well. We still have the hospital books and her favourite doll bandaged just like me. 

Saying all that we may need to implement story time for the dogs! My poor old half blind sheltie just got a freight and jumped up on me. Luckily not on my chest but a bit too close for comfort!! I missed my beautiful dogs!

The other exciting news today was hearing my story was in the paper. Feeling famous! 

I'm surprised with how familiar I am getting with my new appearance. Although I never had an enormous bust I'm rather liking the change of not too much in the front! Sounds strange I know! At the moment the expanders are filled to 100cc so a very small a cup. Maybe this is me feeling relaxed and excited about the now cancer free future that lays before me? I of course still have my ups and downs throughout the day but feeling, right at this moment in time, as if I'm actually going to be really comfortable with how the end result looks. 

Baby steps though. And I promise I am trying to be good and not do too much! It is so lovely to be home though!!! 

So my list of necessities I've found so far for this surgery:
* Button up LOOSE pjs and tops
* Very stretchy dance pants/ yoga pants and stretchy shorts
* Neck pillows for under my arms. I was very lucky to receive pillows from Zonta which had ties at the top to stop them falling down. These had less fill in them and were amazing to sleep with. I had larger foamy neck pillows for through the day which just made everything so much more bareable!
* Bowel movement help was a must. As I'm allergic to codeine I was on a lot of endone (morohine) which isn't the best for keeping you regular. Bring on the pear juice! 
* Puzzle books. I'm obsessed with them anyway but it just gave me something to take my mind off things. 

I had a lot of singlets and crop top type shirts packed but this soon after surgery I am still limited in movement so anything button up I'm just finding way more comfortable. 

Thank you again for all your love and support. 



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