Sunday, February 23, 2014

One more day....

Just one more day to get through now. My surgery is on early Tuesday morning. I am very blessed to have spent today with my beautiful family. I was completely spoilt with lunch, tea, wine and even a healing lamp! We listened to a beautiful jazz band with an amazing singer Lizzie O'keefe who you need to check out! Brindy had a great time dancing and having lunch with us listening to the music, followed by giving high fives to everyone on the way out! Gorgeous girl! 

I am lucky to spend tomorrow with my beautiful work family who I am so lucky to have in my life. 

Rod will take over for a little while on the blog so keep watching his updates. Please follow my blog and keep sharing. The support is overwhelming but even more importantly I am learning of so many others this blog is helping. I'm glad I can be a part of your journey. 

My mum told me too make sure I don't put up photos I will regret letting thousands see.... Within reason... This is what it's sadly all about. Say goodbye to the ladies! BRING ON TUESDAY!! 


And one taken tonight! Bye ladies. 




  1. Good luck with your surgery. I'm having my PBM on Friday this week in Brisbane. I'll keep an eye on your blog for updates and invite you to read mine if you're bored in hospital. is my blog.
    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and love the photo's you have posted today.

  2. Hope all went well today Tam - you're very amazing, courageous and inspiring! Love from Darwin Cross family