Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting Organised

So today is my last full day at home before surgery. Tomorrow will be spent relaxing and horse riding with my family, Monday I am spending the day with my work family (purely as distraction!!), but today is about getting the house sorted and tidy, grooming the dogs, packing my bags, and sorting out any last minute bits and pieces.

Pretty much have my bag sorted already this morning. Numerous pairs of button up pajamas, travel pillows for under my arms, comfy pants, a couple of button up tops, surgical bras (not that I'll need them yet), drain belts, and of course a puzzle book! New make up, tooth brush and moisturiser bought. 

Sadly my good pair of havi's died yesterday so I do need to pick up a new pair today. I need to also find my kindle charger!!

Have I forgotten anything???

Something else which I hadn't prepared properly for is explaining to Brindy about me being in hospital and not being able to lift her up for a while. Whilst looking for new shoes I am going to have a look for a book or two about hospital. We will also have some bandages for her 'baby Hayley' to help try to explain. Any other advice for explaining hospitals to a two year old?


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