Thursday, February 13, 2014

I LUV pressies!!

Recieved some amazing gifts in the mail today! 

Travel pillows for under my arms from the Zonta club. 

A berlei 'my care kit' with post surgical bras, singlets and soft foam bra inserts.

Some AMAZING smelling tea which Rod is not aloud to have!

And a 'my journey' pack from the breast cancer network Australia! 

Thank you Bess!!!!!!!!

This gave me a big giggles when I saw it... Will need to use this one a lot ... 

There are so many resources out there and some great information however I am yet to find a "so your about to chop your boobs off by choice..." pack. If you know of one let me know!!! 

Thank you everyone for your support. Im so glad I have so many who are helping me in this daunting journey. I'm learning already that of the 750+ views of my blog that some are about to go have their genetic tests / recently found out they are positive. I do hope you find everything I'm posting here in the lead up to my surgeries helpful. I'm attempting to be as honest as I can in every aspect. 



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