Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Day after surgery - Warning - Graphic images

I've just had my bandages removed and seen (from looking down view) my scars and lack of breasts for the first time. In their place are two very high sitting, what only feels like rocks which are my expanders in their place. I was warned the expanders would sit higher and more laterally but it's awkward feeling these in their place. At the bottom of my breasts are what can only be described as the left over skin. A temporary and uncomfortable experience! The red in this picture isn't bruising, just the antiseptic wash.

My nurses here at Sunshine Coast private have been AMAZiNG!!! And I don't know if it was just the amount of drugs I was on but all look like models! Gorgeous! I'm being well looked after although not to fond of heparin injections.

I have just had my drip removed, however am still sporting these two lovely drains from each breast and will be keeping these for a while. They have had to change then once already so producing a bit of fluid which hopefully will settle. They remind me of the Tupperware cookie decorator where you squash them down to get the stuff out.

Those I'm friends with on Facebook are already aware of the ninja situation on my legs! Hiiiyyaahh!!  Blood pressure cuff around my calf as well (obviously with nodes removed we are unable to use my arm. 

Honestly... I'm uncomfortable, tired, the pain is manageable but just awkward. It's going to take some time to get use to these expanders. 

On the plus I just had a lovely parcel delivered from Zonta and Buderim cancer group. 

Zonta has given me pillows for my arms, a drain holder and a DVD. 

Funky little drain bag

The breast cancer group parcel has some fluffy socks, and some little snacks and drink which I'm excited about. One the bag it can in is this quote which just sums up everything beautifully.... "Once you choose hope, anything is possible."

Thank you all for your support and well wishes. The hard bits done.... Now it's just the uncomfortable road for a few weeks! Time to go back to sleep for me! 

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  1. Wow Tam, looking really good. Congratulations on completing the first (and what must have been very hard) step! Much love to you xxx