Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Who is ready for Round TWO????!?

Not only are we watching round two of State of Origin (GO QLD!!) but we are gearing up for second surgery tomorrow. I have just had a phone call from my surgeons office confirming times so now anxiety has hit!

I have had a total of only 190 cc filled into each breast (within the expanders obviously) which overall is smaller than my previous size which I am happy with! I'm too active and given the opportunity very glad to go smaller! I'm pretty sure Rod will never forgive me for this choice though! 

I honestly can not wait to see the end of these hard plastic, lumpy, hard edge, uncomfortable expanders and swap to the smooth silicone! Overall I have not had to many dramas with them compared to others. I still get painful stinging when I lift my arms too high which feels as if the scars are about to separate. This more happens whilst I am sleeping and wake up with the horrible pain and an arm that can't move.

I am nervous obviously about the general idea and outcomes of tomorrow but the hardest part of the mastectomy is done so just keen to get it done. 

It's been a difficult lead up with numerous completely unrelated medical issues sadly happening. The largest of which involving my horse and a gate resulting in 5 missing teeth, busted lip and a tear in my lateral meniscus on my knee. All of which we will deal with after this surgery! 

This journey of eliminating any possible cancer also involves my ovaries as well. The BRCA1 gene is associated with ovarian cancers also which sadly there is often no cure due to the late ability of diagnosis. In preparation for my ovaries also being removed later in the year, I have started on HRT or hormone replacement therapy.  We are slowly introducing the hormones to not send my body into complete shock post surgery. 

I would honestly love to thank everyone for their support during this journey. My blog has reached over 10,500 people and I can only hope it has enlightened, educated, helped others in this situation. 

Kick off is about to happen, GO QLD! 

I'll update you all post op from hospital!

I'll leave you with one of Rodney's quotes  from this experience.... "Nipple reconstruction??? You will be constantly high beaming won't you... Everywhere you go people will be turning the air conditioning down."

Tammy xoxo

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