Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tissue Expanders

There has been many questions regarding what exactly my expanders are.
Essentially I have two hard plastic "balloons" which have been placed behind my pectoralis muscle (the major muscle which runs underneath the breast tissue). Over a period of a couple of months these will slowly become inflated with a saline solution. At the moment I have about 100cc of fluid in them which was done during surgery. Using expanders this way allows the tissue and muscles to settle and relax prior to inserting the final implant. Essentially results in a better cosmetic result. 

These certainly are not the most comfortable and at times I do feel pinching and pulling from the muscles. The harder plastic does make them difficult to rest on and with the help of a lot of pillows I can now roll on my side. Yew! 

Pain wise doing well though. It's difficult to sleep but I honestly think that is because I can not lay on my stomach! I keep getting into trouble for doing too much but I am trying to take it easy. The hardest thing still is not being able to pick up Brindy. :-( 

Image extracted from www.vanlaeken.com - tissue expander reconstruction.

I am currently trying to find more details on how many people in Australia have actually had this procedure. Not coming up with too much at this stage! I'm intrigued as a couple of the nurses mentioned I was the first one they had seen with expanders. I'll get back to you on this one!! 

And an update on my car... Nothing major... Just an entirely new engine required!!!! Ggrr!!! Not exactly impressed as it's only 4 years old!!  Anyone know any good reliable runabout small cars they could highly recommended?!?!?

Love you all.



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